Contribute to the ALA with iNaturalist Australia

The ALA now manages the Australian node of iNaturalist – the world’s leading social network for biodiversity. We recommend ALA users upload individual observations to iNaturalist Australia.

iNaturalist Australia uses community expertise and image recognition to help users identify species. ALA harvests observations from iNaturalist Australia every week.

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Record a Sighting with iNaturalist Australia

Upload your observations, identify species, and contribute to the ALA.


Can I still use the ALA’s Record A Sighting function?

Yes, you can continue to use it now, but we are planning to remove this function eventually.  Read more

Why is ALA teaming up with iNaturalist?

We are a data aggregator and we don’t have the expertise to identify species. iNaturalist has a great species identification system using community expertise and image recognition software. Read more

Will I need to create an account in iNaturalist Australia?

Yes – it’s very easy. Read more about it in How to create an account in iNaturalist.

How do I record an observation with iNaturalist?

It’s very simple! All you need is a photo or a sound recording, the date and time and location. And you can use your mobile too.  Follow the steps in How do I record an observation with iNaturalist?

Want more help?

Read all ALA Help articles about iNaturalist Australia.


How does iNaturalist’s crowd-sourced species identification work?

iNaturalist’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system and huge social network of over one million users work together to ensure species observations are right. Even if you’re new to recording observations, you’ll be able to get help to identify your species. Read more in iNaturalist Australia’s help article about identifications.

How does my data get into ALA?

Australian records that are licensed for sharing are harvested from iNaturalist to ALA every week. Read more

Can I see my iNaturalist observations in ALA?

Yes, you can link your iNaturalist account to your ALA account and see your records in the ALA.

Read How can I see my iNaturalist records in the ALA to learn how to link your accounts.

Are there other apps that I can use to contribute data to ALA?

Yes there are – for lots of different areas, taxa, and community groups. To get started, visit Download mobile apps, or search our Citizen Science Project Finder.